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Using our Sea Eye Falcon ROV we offer underwater video inspections down to 300 meters of depth. We have other systems available on short notice for projects deeper than 300 meters.  Please enquire using the contact us link.

The ROV never requires decompression and does not get cold, so it stays until the job is complete.

  • Video surveys and inspections.
  • Offshore Wind Power services.
  • Submerged Cable inspections.
  • Mooring inspections.
  • Search and Recovery of sunken boats, planes, vehicles, other objects.
  • Internal and external pipeline surveys. Soon to have 5,000 meter penetration capability.
  • Environmental assessments for construction and de-commissioning.
  • Inspection of underwater structures, such as bridges, dams, water intakes, outfalls, pipelines, subsea cables.
  • Electrical and hydraulic equipment ┬árepairs.
  • Integration of new equipment to ROV systems.
  • Sonar imaging and engineering measurements on underwater structures.
  • Mine remediation work.
  • Settling Pond assessment and cleanup.
  • Commercial Diver support, extremely cost effective in support of mixed gas dives.

Subsea tracking:

Underwater positioning for ROV, dredge operations, sensor arrays, and any other submerged assets.

Pipeline mapping and imaging.