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Whale Watching Boat Salvage

Luckily everyone got off the boat uninjured before it sank to the bottom. The boat was resting on bottom in 160 feet of water, a depth easily reached by commercial divers, however their bottom time is extremely limited this deep.

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An approximate location was known, so the sonar mounted on the ROV was used to pinpoint the location of the wreckage, while the onboard video cameras confirmed it was the intended target.

The ROV performed a survey of the wreckage to give the divers a preview of what to expect, and where to attach lifting lines. The ROV acted as an extra set of lights and eyes for the divers, and allowed the Transportation Safety Board and Coast Guard representatives on site to have a first hand look at the wreckage as it sat on bottom. DVD video of the survey is passed on to the TSB for their review of the accident.